17 June 2004

BOS 11, COL 0

BOS 11
WP- Derek Lowe (6-5)
LP- Aaron Cook (1-2)
HR- D Ortiz (14)

After 65 games: 38-27

We needed a game like this. Everything went right- Trot and Nomar hit and hit well, Ortiz was hitting the ball hard, Lowe was exceptional, Williamson was great, and DiNardo was able to preserve the shutout. This is the way we should have performed offensively at least one other game. But we didn't. So pull for Steve Sparks in Arizona tonight, I guess.

The Yankee thing brings up two other subjects. FIRST- to the Colorado music/ sound operator. The New York-themed songs. It was funny the first two, maybe three times. After it extended through the entire series, it started to come off a bit pathetic. Playing "New York, New York" as we won the last game of the series- it was bratty and childish.

I got the impression that they were kinda miffed we had so many Red Sox fans there, and that they actually dared to cheer. It was a very minor league-stadium thing to do. The first time they did it/ talked about it, I laughed out loud. I was rolling my eyes pretty soon thereafter. Just sort of lame is all. Right?

SECOND- to the Sox fans chanting "Yankees Suck!" in Colorado in the middle of an 11-0 rout: thanks, douchebags. Thank you for playing the Boston Red Sox fan's version of a minstrel show: the perfect dumb-as-a-rock, stubborn, annoying cliched Red Sox fan. PLEASE! Shut the fuck up. Honestly.

Does anyone else get the same pleasure out of Scott Williamson pitching that I do? I still can't quite pinpoint what I like about him so much. I'm sure it is at least partially to do with his being fucking amazing, but that's not it. I don't know. Maybe it was this: Scott Williamson meets...Patrick Swayze?. Whatever it is- when he throws that slider... magic. I love Swilly.

Really great game by Lowe. Watching the game, I couldn't help but think that if I were Colorado, I'd go hard after Lowe this off season. A sinkerball pitcher (the only kind that thrive in Coors Field), Lowe would be an ideal candidate for a team desperate for pitching and probably a little willing to overpay for it. Lowe did issue 4 BBs, but this is certainly at least attributable to his trying to avoid making big middle-of-the-plate mistakes, something I'm certainly comfortable. 17 ground ball outs, 1 fly outs, 3 strikeouts. Vintage 2002 Lowe. Hopefully he can build on that start.

Trot is officially rust-free. 2-for-3 with a double and a walk? How much do I love this guy? A lot. Bullshit Memorial LOVES Trot Nixon. Nomar looked good too, and if not for the driving rain, his triple likely would have been out; he missed the HR by about a foot.

Good game. Let's sweep the Giants. Petey v. Bonds on Saturday is definitely on my radar.

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