20 June 2004

BOS 0, SFG 4

WP- Jason Schmidt (9-2)
LP- Bronson Arroyo (2-6)
HR- E Alfonzo (5)

I didn't get to see this game today, as I'm home in CT, but what a way to lose one. In all honesty, it is a game like this I can accept losing- an ace of the opposing staff against our #5, our 5 pitches tremendously, but he pitches better. The game was lost on Alfonzo's HR, something that truly should not have happened. But let's be honest- it was Schmidt's day. Couldn't have been more pleased with Arroyo's performance today as well- just remarkable.

The thing that is starting to nag at me a bit is this team's seeming inability to sort of get a nice stride going,a run of wins and consecutively solid play. They've been all over the place this year, and it needs to pick up soon. I don't see Anaheim staying in the shitter forever (though I STILL don't see them making the playoffs with that pitching staff in that division).

So let's go get em against Minnesota this week. Time to start ripping off wins, as we are getting healthy.

Also- we could definitely use some bullpen help. For sure. Maybe someone can have a Cincinnati-style firesale this year?

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