24 June 2004

BELTRAN TO HOUSTON...Dotel to Oakland...

Carlos Beltran is goin' to Houston. And you can't blame KC- they made the best trade they could, got the pieces they wanted (great 3B/ C prospects) and a good pitching prospect. Hey- the Yankees didn't get him. So it's OK.

The deal shook down like this:
Kansas City gets: 3B Mark Teahen and RHP Mike Wood (from Oak), C John Buck (from Hou)
Oakland gets: CL Octavio Dotel
Houston gets: CF Carlos Beltran

This was no slam-dunk do-or-die deal for the Sox. I'm pleased he's out of the AL, and while I would have supported getting him, I think Theo was smart enough to realize that it very well may not have been worth it to give up their more valuable prospects for a sure-fire rental. Carlos Beltran does not help you enough to justify that.

Hopefully now, focus turns towards strengthening the pitching staff, be that the bullpen or rotation. I am much more open and accepting of overpaying for THAT than a CF who will most certainly test FA waters and ask for a king's ransom.

One more thing- if one needs yet more proof that Billy Beane is one of the great GMs in baseball history, one just got it. Remarkable. Kept Beltran away from the competition (Anaheim, Boston, New York) and got a great closer. Wow.

Dotel is no slouch either- Beane plays the trade masterfully in picking up a quality closer.

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